Are you ready to be a part of something AMAZING!?

The Lively Lineup is your chance to make senior year even more memorable and get the opportunity to represent Lively Sharp Photography and your senior class! LSP Senior Reps have access to countless perks and opportunities to try something new your senior year. Some of the perks include:

  • Complimentary Cap & Gown Session (before or after graduation)
  • Online Gallery with FULL access to your favorite images
  • An EXCLUSIVE experience with paid fare to Mackinac Island
  • Participation in a styled shoot
  • Full Senior Session with discounts on all a la carte products
  • CASH Bonuses for Referrals
  • Lots of Group Activities
  • And so much MORE!

I will be accepting up to 6 seniors for this exciting new program! I can not wait to see what an amazing group of people we will have! That sounds great, but wait, what is a senior rep? I'm glad you asked!




What is a Senior Rep Team?

Joining a rep team gives you the chance to make your senior year memorable by making new friends, participating in fun photo sessions, the opportunity to gain modeling and business experience, and plenty of time to spend with other people who will lift you up and cheer you on in your endeavors!

Applicants will be sorted and chosen based on three crucial criteria:

  1. Active in the community and/or extracurricular activities
  2. Promote positivity and empowerment to fellow students
  3. Excitement to make the most of senior year and passionate about authenticity

Each team member will invest the same amount for their membership ($675) and will not be expected to pay any additional fees beyond that. The amount of value you will get from this experience is priceless, but if we added up the monetary value... well, let's do that:

  1. An Invite to the Meet & Greet Event (FREE)
  2. Cap and Gown Session ($175)
  3. Unlimited Online Gallery ($1,000+)
  4. An exclusive trip to Mackinac Island ($150)
  5. Participation in a styled shoot ($250+)
  6. Full Individual Senior Session ($600)
  7. LSP Swag ($100)
  8. Modeling and Business Experience ($500+)

$2,775 VALUE!!!

For Just $675

You get all of that value for a FOURTH of the price, AND on top of that, you get CASH in hand for every referral you send my way - no quotas, just perks! There will be a points system that you can choose to trade in for cash, gift cards, or specialty products with photos from any session from my pro lab! If that all sounds good to you, then keep reading and submit your application as soon as possible for the best chance at joining the team!

Applications close September 30th, 2023!




BEFORE APPLYING, please read the following:

Chosen senior reps will be expected to...

  • attend a Meet & Greet event in October [Date TBD]
  • participate in a fun, themed mini session with the full team at the Meet & Greet
  • use LSP/Jazmine Sharp as their SOLE photographer for their senior year
  • post on social media frequently about Lively Sharp Photography
  • book and pay for your individual senior session ($675)
  • This will be the only fee that you are required to pay to secure your place on the team, and can be earned back through referrals and cash bonuses! All other purchases are up to you.
  • NOTIFY PARENT/GUARDIAN/GROWN-UP/ETC. If you are chosen to be a senior rep, your listed guardian will be contacted first to ensure that they are on board and agree to all terms and conditions under this program. Everyone has much more fun when we are all on the same page!

Keep scrolling to submit your application!

LSP Senior Rep Team Application

Optional if the address is the same as above.

If none, write none.

The profile can not be hidden.

To be used for possible LSP Rep Swag!

Are you comfortable posting/talking about my business and able to do so frequently?

Please note that the Meet & Greet on September 10th, 2023 will be held promptly after the selection of the participants and attendance is mandatory (for both the student and parent(s) / guardian(s) to join the team.

Thank you for applying! Enjoy the last month of summer break, lean back, and relax. I will call the people who are chosen to join the program in the first week of October. The Meet & Greet will be held the week following!