Hi, I'm Jazmine!

I love coffee, getting lost in books, and overthinking just about everything. In June 2020, when I was 19 years old, I dropped out of college early to build this business in the middle of a global pandemic! In October 2021, I became a mother. Between those two things and juggling a full-time job, prioritizing my dream was extremely difficult. However, my passion for creating art and ensuring that it gets passed down from generation to generation through a full-service boutique experience makes every second worth it! In dedicating my passion to impacting your life and inspiring memories to be passed on, my dream comes alive!

Everyone deserves to be remembered. How many photos do you have of yourself as a child? Will they be handed down to your children to remember you by? If the answer to those questions is no, then I can help! You are perfectly imperfect, and that's what makes you so unique! YOU DESERVE TO BE REMEMBERED, exactly as you are now. I want to create artwork that will leave a legacy of what makes you, YOU!

"A photograph is the pause button of life, and life is meant to be absolutely full of excitement and beauty!"

My Little Family

This is my ever-growing family. Arianna (left) was born in October 2021 and makes everything in my life brighter! I love having a mini version of myself to photograph, and although she is quite a handful at times, I couldn't ask for a cuter model or a better inspiration for my creativity! Oliver (right) was born in January 2023, he has made everything just a bit more hectic, but in the best way. I couldn't do it without my partner, Jonathon, who always helps me find the rainbow after the rain!

In addition to Ari, I also have two dogs, Phoebe and Scooby. My fur babies are playful and rowdy, so I'm always prepared for your furry clients - if I can handle my two tasmanian devils, I can handle anything!

P.S. Yes, Scooby is Phoebe's dad, they are indeed related.

Phoebe - Age 1 year

Scooby - Age 3 years

I am very family-oriented, and spend most of my free time playing games with my family and friends! This helps me connect with younger children during a family session, I love making jokes and seeing all the cute smiles! During a typical day, you can catch me grabbing a coffee from a downtown café and reading the next book on my TBR list, or perusing trinkets in a local store with a door. When I decide to stay in, I spend most of my time caring for my cute little spawns, sipping an iced coffee, and binge-watching Netflix shows (some of my favorites are The 100, Bridgerton, and Game of Thrones) while I get daily chores done or brainstorm ideas for my next passion project!

Even on my days "off", I find myself coming back to my computer, I just can't stay away from all the happy smiles I see when editing my sessions. My editing style is typically LIVELY, vibrant, and true to color. I enjoy creating new things from a different perspective, so I do many passion projects throughout the year, with the help of local collaborations. Unique ideas are what ignite my motivation and inspiration. Each family and individual is unique, and it's my pleasure to capture and create art that reflects that for you and your family to display proudly!

"Our pictures are our footprints. It's the best way to tell people that we were here."

—Joe McNally

A Few of My Favorite Things

Favorite Drink?

Right now it's an iced latte with various flavors. Sometimes it's an iced lavender oat milk latte, or a chocolate cold brew with some toffee crunch flavor (extra syrup please)! Sometimes I mix and match the flavors, but one thing is always the same - ICE!! I am definitely an iced coffee girl, even in winter.

Favorite Book?

Fourth Wing has taken my heart by STORM! It has quickly become my most favorite fandom. For those of you familiar with fantasy fiction book groups, this series is a popular one, and in my opinion, with good reason. It's got magic, spice, romance, war, and a number of heart-wrenching scenes. Book-Hangover from Hell!

Favorite Color?

I love bold colors when I'm editing, but in day to day life I am drawn to soft pastels. I feel like bold as a brand matches my business personality well, but when I sit down at the end of the day, I prefer the opposite to soothe my palette and relax - if I had to choose I'd have to say lavender, and black is the next best thing!

Favorite Season?

My favorite season is autumn! I love the colors, the weather, the holidays, and everything else that comes with changing seasons! Wearing cute, cozy sweaters hits different when the weather is brisk and chilly, but not quite cold. And the contrasting colors are the cherry on top, I love seeing the beautiful changes in Mother Nature!

Favorite Scent?

In the fall of 2022, I partnered with Eclectically Ellaree, a local candlemaker and fellow artist located in Cheboygan, for a Content Day project. Ellaree created a bonfire scent that I cannot get out of my head! It smells like Fall and embodies all the cozy things that I love about autumn. Anything that smells remotely like that has my heart!

Favorite Food?

Recently I have been obsessed with making pancakes and fresh fruit in the morning. I combine them all - strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and raspberries. It's also a delicious and easy way to get my little ones to eat their fruit serving for the day! You can never go wrong with a delicious pizza though, so that is my go-to on lazy days.

Favorite Dessert?

Continuing the fruit trend, I love adding a bunch of berries to my serving of chocolate ice cream for dessert! It makes it feel semi-healthy and just tastes so good. Chocolate-covered fruit is so good, and this is the closest I can get without having to melt my own chocolate to dress the fruit up. It's low effort and high reward!

Favorite Holiday?

I love the fall season and Halloween kicks off the remaining holidays for the year! Dressing up is so fun, especially when you have enough people to go as the Scooby Doo gang like my siblings and I did last year (2022)! Then as soon as November 1st hits, the Christmas tree goes up! Yes, I am one of those people and if you're not, then I have one question for you: does the turkey taste different when you see the tree across the room, or are you an Ebenezer Scrooge? I just want to enjoy the pretty lights for longer than a couple of weeks! Now that I have kids, the holidays have become even more enjoyable.

Favorite Movie?

I love the message of both Moana and Encanto! I am a die-hard Disney fan, and I love the new things that are coming to the big screen. I've always loved Hawaiian culture and Moana sends a great message with fun songs along the way. I once spent a whole summer watching ONLY that movie because the girl I babysat refused to watch anything else haha. Encanto came out more recently, but I love the idea that Mirabel doesn't have to be "talented" to be special. She teaches kids that everyone is important and deserves to be loved! Catch me binging Disney+ any and every day of the week!

Favorite Place to Shop?

Any local store with a door has my preference! Currently, my favorite shops are MichMash Gallery and Gifts (for gifts), Bittersweet (for my favorite brand, Dionis, of chapstick and hand lotion), and Cheboygan Coffee Roasters for my daily source of caffeine! I love exploring and visiting new shops, but I find myself returning to these shops the most! I always say that I'll try anything once, but these places are more than a once-in-a-while visit. I enjoy partnering with businesses often, so if you have a project that needs a photographer send a message so we can collaborate and support each other!