How much do you value YOU?

Your photos are more than just a moment in time, they are proof that that moment existed. You deserve to be remembered exactly as you are now, even if - ESPECIALLY if - you change later on down the road! It's important to see growth and change, but even more so to be able to look back and embrace where it all started. Give your loved ones something to remember you by, and allow them to cherish memories of you from every phase of your life, not just the picture-perfect snapshots.

Portrait Sessions

Each session is unique, and because of that so is your investment amount. My Creation fee is 175 regardless of the session you're looking for, this allows us to put the focus on the important part: creating timeless artwork for you to display in your home!


Timeless Signature Wall Art

I am a Boutique Photographer that specializes in creating timeless artwork for you to display in your home and pass down from generation to generation. You deserve to be remembered exactly as you are!

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Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love and connection, and they deserve more than just an online gallery. Each quote is tailored to your specific wants & needs so please reach out to get a customized package that is picture perfect for your big day!


✨ Let's Capture Magic ✨

I will hold your hand and guide you the whole way!

From deciding on a date and time to choosing what size your artwork should be, I will be by your side to offer professional advice and a personal touch for every step of the process! Let me capture magical memories and preserve them for you to give to your loved ones. You deserve to be remembered ❤️

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What is included in the Creation Fee?

The Creation Fee compensates me for my creative services and time spent communicating, traveling, and planning for your session. It shows you are serious about your session and reserves your spot on my calendar!
It does NOT include any digital images or print credit unless specifically stated otherwise by Lively Sharp Photography in your client agreement.

What makes you different from other photographers?

I am a Boutique Portrait Photographer, not a "Shoot & Burn" Photographer - I will explain everything in depth on the Discovery Call and/or the In-Person Consultation, but here are a few key things I do that you won't get anywhere else:
• Consultation - I make time to meet with you IN PERSON before the session to learn more about you and your vision for the session. Then you know exactly who is taking your photos and don't have to worry about searching for a stranger on the day of your session. This also helps everyone feel more comfortable in front of the camera day-of because we will have already started making connections together.
• Photo Session - I won't make my clients "sit and smile", I get everyone up and moving! You don't have worry about how to pose, because I'll be prompting you and I promise to let you know if anything looks off; we will make adjustments and keep going. The magic is in the candid moments when you're creating memories together!
• Ordering Appointment - Gone are the days of "you can order products from my online store", and now are the days of "I will help you every step of the way". You're hiring an expert in all things PHOTOS, so it's my job to ensure that your artwork doesn't get put off. How many times have you been in a situation where you think you'll have time for something and don't (or you forget, hello mom-brain and busy schedules)? I'm here to make sure that there isn't another item on your to-do list. We will sit down together, in person, to choose which photos would look best in your home, and I will help you make the hard decisions. You are not alone!
• Custom Wall Art - I specialize in creating beautiful portraits for you to display in your home, I take into account your hobbies, your decor aesthetic, and wall space to curate a personalized collection, unlike anything I've created before, just for you!

Tldr: I create a personalized experience from start to finish. You aren't JUST paying for photos, you are investing in an expert to guide you through an exciting process!

Why should I hire you?

Because you deserve a personalized boutique experience from start to finish, you deserve an expert to guide the way and to create artwork for your home that you don't have to lift a finger for. I aim to create valuable relationships and ensure you have gorgeous artwork with special memories weaved in to decorate your home. You deserve to be remembered exactly as you are, and to be able to show off your investment! If you are going to spend your hard earned time and money to coordinate outfits, get hair & makeup done, and hire a professional, you should be proud of your investment and excited to show it off! I can give you all of that and MORE!

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

After your session I will do a "soft edit" on your gallery with basic lighting adjustments - this is typically completed in about 1 week. Then after choosing your final photos and wall art at the ordering appointment, I will spend another week or so retouching and editing the fine details. Upon your approval, I will send the order to my professional photo lab which has a turnaround of 7-10 days. Your personalized experience will take between 3-4 weeks for everything to be finalized and delivered, start to finish!

Say YES!

Say YES!

Nicole Elliott

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"My first time EVER professional and family photos were done by Lively Sharp Photography! She did a great job keeping my family (4 kids and husband) focused and smiling! After, she stayed in touch with questions and answers in helping me pick out EXACTLY what I wanted (and I’m very picky, lol) she was very timely! I would highly recommend her and was very well pleased with my first experience! Thanks again, Jazmine!!"

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